SEO Tips – First in a Series

Know this if you’re trying to improve your search engine ranking: it’s a highly competitive world, and you’ll only get out of it what you put into it.  Whether that is hours of work or dollars spent hiring an SEO company to do it on your behalf, for the majority of businesses, it is neither cheap nor easy to end up at the top of page 1.

But it’s not all bad news, there are numerous activities that you, as a WordPress website owner, can undertake to incrementally improve your ranking.  By taking a series of sensible steps, and exercising moderate patience, you should be able to track the rise your site’s ranking.  In this series of tip, we point out challenges and solutions for each of the top factors that go into search engine page rank.


As search engines continue to evolve, their level of sophistication and intelligence has increased in parallel.  It is no longer easy to trick the search engines into placing a listing at the top of the page.  Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other major players dedicate enormous resources into making their products more intuitively useful to PEOPLE.  Gone are the days when you could “trick” a search engine into a high ranking by repeating keywords hundreds of times, or by rendering key words in white text over a white background (generally known as “black hat” practices). When preparing content for your site, your priority should be on richly describing your business with sincerity, accuracy, and honesty, the way you would go about doing it in a conversation with a PERSON.  The use of long tail terms – phrases that describe your business, product or offering – enable the matching of specific requests to specific results.

The notion that “content is king” still rings true in the SEO world.  Be yourself, and be honest about it, you can still do it with enough eloquence and meaning that will be impactful to the humans who are looking for matches.

WordPress enables easy creation of web pages and blog posts, providing endless opportunities to set search hooks that will help drive search traffic to your site.  Careful planing and use of post categories can further help organize your content, make navigation easier for your visitors, and increase your chances of improving search engine page rank.

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