Keeping Your Law Firm Website Content Fresh

As lawyers you have many things that require your attention.  Clients, colleagues, employees, managing a business not mention family life and more.  As a result, I see many law firm and attorney websites that look stale, dated and uninspiring.  Some of the signs are, links to articles that are more than a year old, small, fuzzy photos, no links to social networking profiles, small page footprints etc.

Website Development not a One Time Effort

Typically, when attorneys face a lull in their workload, they have a burst of energy and update their website.  Then that passes and they move on to other things. The website gets no attention and in a year or so it begins to look old and forgotten.

Here are 9 tips to prevent that from happening:

1.  Use WordPress as your website platform, it’s well supported and makes it easy to keep website current

2.  Task yourself or someone else with making regular updates

3.   Brainstorm about ideas regarding new content

4.   Make sure you update your headshot regularly and find excuses to add other photos too

5.   Create a LinkedIn profile and connect it to your website “about” page

6.   Reflect on what clients ask you about or need to know and create pages to support that

7.   Make sure your WordPress web developers provide the platform upgrades that bring the best of web technology to your website

8.   Consider publishing a series of videos and post the current one on your home page.

9.   Podcasts are another low cost, easy to implement feature that allow people to listen to you while they drive or do the dishes

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