Age of Your Domain (Internet Address)

Jamie Moyer, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies, amazes me.  In April, at age 49, he started and won a game against the San Diego Padres, playing alongside and against players who had not even been born when Moyer threw his first major league pitch in 1986.  His longevity is a result of several things, among them are hard work, common sense, perseverance, genetics, and luck.  Players from other sports come to mind also, advances in nutrition and training have led to a large number of individuals playing well beyond what would be considered their peak performance years.

Longevity gets you recognition

How long ago your domain was established has impact on the visibility of your website.  Sites that got into the game on the early side have an advantage over a more recently created domain.  Following other SEO practices compounds this benefit: rich content, key words, proper coding, and link popularity to name a few.  Similarly, SEO value has some dependency on the age of the inbound links to your site, so the inter-relationships of your link sources are important as well.

Google employs a method designed to minimize search engine spam by relegating new sites to a kind of a waiting period – approximately 90 days or so – before a site attains page rank. Known as the “sandbox effect”, it’s Google’s way of seeing if new sites are serious about having a significant and substantive web presence. Why the sandbox? Take a look at human behavioral traits and childhood development. It comes from the concept that all new sites are put into a sandbox where they are allowed to play together, away from adults. As the young sites demonstrate mature behavior, they are allowed to coexist with the grown ups, or the other well established sites.

Action items for domain owners
Following are some easy tips to help your efforts:

  1. Hold on to your domains as long as you can, and keep registration current.  Top flight domain name registrars provide automatic recurring billing, making renewal simple and efficient.
  2. Consider registering a domain before you actually need it, and think about registering variations in addition to your top level domain.  You’ll find the cost lower for some extensions like .co and .tv.
  3. Consider purchasing a pre-owned domain.  This can prove costly, all depending on the seller’s asking price, but it is bound to negate the sandbox period.
  4. Keep track of the age of your domain at ths site:

You sometime hear about athletes that amass incredible stats over their playing careers, they may state in a self-deprecating manner that they were lucky just to “stick around long enough” to achieve such lofty numbers.  We can be sure that there’s more to it than just sticking around.

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