Five Ways to Keep Up Your Google Search Rankings

Recently Google announced tweaks to the way it ranks websites and many small businesses have found their rankings in search results plummeting according to this article in the Wall Street Journal.  Some small businesses including lawyers and law firms hire SEO consultants who get their clients’ websites links back from other websites.  Unfortunately, those links are often from “spam” websites and now that Google has crackdown on the practice, it’s the businesses not the SEO consultants who are punished.

At DSD Law Site Solutions, we don’t believe in these practices and instead recommend the following tactics to make your law firm website appear more prominently.

1. Stay informed: Make sure your webmasters are keeping track of changes to Google’s algorithm by following its Webmaster Central Blog.

2. Fresh Content is the Key: Make sure your website has original, fresh and accurate information. Google places the greatest value on sites providing the best possible user experience.  Provide your visitors tips and education about your particular legal expertise.  Whether it’s a blog or an occasional article or a link to an interesting article with a helpful tip on what to look for, your website visitors and potential clients will appreciate it.

3. Look at your Google Analytic Traffic Reports Regularly: Make sure your webmasters are monitoring traffic from Google regularly using free Webmaster tools and make refinements.  DSD goes beyond that and provides a monthly tip on what attorney can do to keep up their search result visibility.

4. Use social media: Post links to content on your site from Twitter, Facebook and other social-media profiles. Your fans may repost the information.  Just make sure you act within attorney rules of professional responsibility.

5. Seek help:  If your site consistently ranks low, consider having it audited by an expert in search-engine optimization.  DSD has a partner, Alan Koenigsberg who specializes in Google Adwords and has worked with attorneys and other professional to improving their results.

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