Why Is WordPress so Effective for Our Clients?

We take pride in being part of the WordPress community.  Some years ago, we embarked on a period of research, testing and experimentation, comparing a variety of content management systems, with the intention of identifying those that would be most beneficial to our clients.  There were, and still are a number of options for open source web development platforms to explore.  Our goals were straightforward, flexibility in design and content manipulation were high on the list of needs, along with functionality, scalability, and ease of use – both for the site administrator and the end user.

We Determined that WordPress Was #1

The results of our testing clearly led to WordPress.  While other systems may offer more in terms of functionality and scalability, they often add layers of complexity that take maintenance and basic content management out of reach for the person assigned the administrative tasks needed for a small-to-midsize business website.  Other systems have their strengths, but when you look at the combination of power in a publishing platform and ease of use, WordPress is a perfect fit for our clients.  That’s one of the reasons WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world today, with a community of developers and users responsible for deployment on over 18 million websites (remember back when that seemed like a big number? – it still is!).

Commonly Cited Benefits that WordPress offers:

Ease of use An intuitive interface with editing tools that a person of average computer skills will recognize, along with tool tips and a clean layout of the administrative dashboard put the job of editing and managing a WordPress site into the hands of a large number of users.

Open source Wordpress is free software, supported mainly by a community of developers that contribute code enhancements for the overall good of the platform.  Upgrades, improvements and security enhancements are released continually.

Customizable A WordPress site can be designed and constructed to reflect virtually any look and feel, whether a new unique design direction, or adhering to an established branding guidleine.

Clean code  Behind the pages that humans see is the code that bots use to index search results.  Wordpress themes typically employ code that is structured for efficiency and visibility.

SEO friendly  I addition to controls built directly into the platform, an abundance of 3rd party plugins are available to enhance SEO.  Manipulation of page titles, descriptions, and keywords os quick and easy, and can be made on a site-wide or page-by-page basis.

Analytics  Free plugins can be used that make it easy to  install and manage Google Analytics reporting efforts.

Blogging  What originally started out as blogging software around 2001 evolved into WordPress.  An easy-t-use and convenient system for making blog posts and engaging an audience via viewer comment has been part of the core functionality since its inception.

Images  Drag and drop controls for uploading graphic files, along with a variety of resizing methods are available in the native WordPress environment.  Plugins give added functionality to create dynamic galleries and effects.  There is also the ability to add alt text, captions and descriptions, further enhancing SEO.

Plugins  The WordPress developer community offers a number of free plugins that make a website more functional and usable.  Some popular plugins enable special manipulation of content, import youtube videos, enable high levels of interactivity forms, to name a few.

Platform upgrades The WordPress community of core developers pride themselves in making sure that the platform continues to evolve, part of that means they takes security very seriously.  Incremental improvements to the base code help ensure that the platform remains stable and improves defenses against possible malicious attacks.

There are additional reasons behind our decision to specialize in WordPress websites, but feedback from our clients reinforces our view that it ofers the best possible combination of power, scalability, potential for visibility, and ease of use for both administrators and website visitors.

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