Move Towards Local Search Upsets SEO Applecart

Google doesn’t care about the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks people are using.  An increasing number of searches revolve around local needs, skews older attempts to embed dozens of city names into meta tags.  Google wants to deliver to the searcher the best possible results based on what is asked and who that searcher is.

This article examine various factors that increase prominence and active use of Google Places, now tied to Google+ Local, is a key factor.  Could Google force businesses to jump on the Google+ bandwagon or else risk Internet obscurity?  I sure wouldn’t be surprise.

More on Google+
Here is a long but helpful post about why and how lawyers can get on Google+.  Frankly it all boils down to this: “I think it’s as simple as this: If you think Google is important, then you should probably find G+ important.”  This from Avvon’s Mark Britton.  And to toot my horn, here is what I said last week.

I just got a client to join Google+ in the expectation is that it would boost his online visibility. I plan to monitor whether that happens for him and will report back.

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