Changes Afoot in Search

Like most things, search engines change with the times, adapting to trends in usage, demographics and marketing. Of course, leading the pack is Google, you can expect that the rest of the field is continually taking notice. Following is a sneak peek of what we might expect in 2013:

  1. Content, content content. Quality content is already king and its importance will only continue to grow in 2013.
  2. Thanks primarily to the organic exposure Google Authorship can provide to a content site, more and more online content writers will begin to use Google+.
  3. Google will develop ways to delay their organic search ranking updates, making it more difficult for search engine spammers to correlate which of their black hat activities are having the greatest impact on their rankings.
  4. As inbound linking becomes more difficult and we all need to be more careful about our SEO activities, we’ll start to see a lot more SEO auditing services to make sure we won’t get bitten by the Penguin.
  5. Google will address the increase in “not provided” keywords reported by Analytics and provide a way to obtain this valuable data once again. This is more of a wish of mine, but seems like a reasonable request especially for AdWords users. If this prediction doesn’t come true, I can foresee web analytics solutions becoming more and more inaccurate.
  6. Guest posting will become more and more popular. Likewise, search engines will become more vigilant in cracking down on spammy guest posting sites.
  7. Link baiting and earning links with useful content will become the norm, as we start to see link building begin to fade away.
  8. More and more link farms will begin to finally disappear.
  9. With the increase of mobile device users, search engines will favor mobile-friendly sites in their algorithms.
  10. Search engines will put less emphasis on anchor text and will instead focus more on the quality of the link source.
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