Small Businesses: Personalize Your Website

Unless you are a Hollywood Actor or a best-selling sales motivator, self promotion doesn’t come easy.  Small businesses frequently hide behind their services on their website.  As a result, their website looks generic – model pretty faces smiling from photos of bucolic scenes.  Or photos of machinery or geographically appropriate landscapes that tell the visitor nothing about the people behind the business.

This give you an opportunity to standout.  Be different from your competitions by showing the world who runs your business on the home page.  Make sure it is your voice and your story that gets told.  This isn’t to say that you should focus on your personal life.  Your website isn’t Facebook with photos of your kids or dogs.  Small businesses always have a founding myth.  The reason you took the gamble to go out on your own and be your own boss.  There is passion in that story and typically passion for doing what it is you do for the people who are you clients or customers.

People are attracted by passion.  If they have a need, they don’t want someone to help them who isn’t committed to getting the job down for them.  They want someone with expertise and who knows great customer service is key to their success.

How to Get Started:
Re-engage in your passion for what you do:

  • Ask yourself why you started your business?
  • What makes you happy to go to work everyday?
  • What are the specific things you love about your work?
  • Who are your favorite clients?

Look at websites for competitors or small businesses that you like and ask:

  • What do you like about those sites?
  • Do you get a sense of the people behind the business?
  • Do you feel their passion?
  • Do you know who they want to work with?

Once you’ve done that work, its good time to come to DSD Law Sites or your friendly web developer and give them the benefit of having defined yourself so they can implement that vision for you on your website.

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