Linkedin Changes – Good & Bad

The great thing about social media is that it’s mostly free.  As an individual, you have the ability to broadcast your message to thousands and maybe even millions – at no cost. There are downsides to this ease of publication but the real downside to “free” is that social media platforms can takeaway favorite features and tools without saying a word.  Google does it and so does LinkedIn.  Here are a few things – good and bad about what LinkedIn has done in this regard.

  1. Eliminated ability to stream blog into LinkedIn profile: There was a nifty WordPress tool that allowed me to stream my latest blog posts directly into my LinkedIn profile.  No more.  If I want to highlight my content, I need to do it through the status update.

  2. Got rid of LinkedIn “Answers:”  This was a great feature for attorneys, allowing them to showcase their abilities and get credit for the best answers which gave them special status. This is gone.

  3. On the positive side, the status update is no longer restricted to 140 characters – like Twitter – giving a poster free range to post lengthy updates:  Common sense would suggest using this feature sparingly and not being excessively wordy.

What About Future Changes?

I think its wise not to get too invested in “free” social media websites. This means not relying on a free plug-in or widget to get out your message or hang all your business development on. Like with investing, with marketing you want to get your message out in many different ways so you aren’t reliant on a LinkedIn or Facebook for all your marketing success.

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